Sometimes our clients give us the most wonderful updates on their bikes after installing one of our parts. We love to share these with you so you can see how they might work out on your own bike.

XL250 with Rectifier Installed

The final picture shows everything together. You can hardly see the Regulator under the front portion of the Gas Tank.


I finally got some free time and installed the Headlight Voltage Regulator. It works great! Here are some photos of the Bike and the installation.

  • I used the rubberized clamp to secure the Regulator to the Chrome Cable Stay at the front of the frame with its mounting bolt.

  • I attached the green ground wire to the frame grounding point for the Honda harness that is under the spark module.

  • I put the two yellow wires into some 3/8 black non-shrink tubing and fished it up into the headlight bowl.

  • I coiled and nylon tied the extra length of the yellow wires in the bowl, and connected them in series with the White wire going to the headlight bulb (Note: NOT the White wire that goes to the wire-wound resistor near the headlight).

Best Regards,