Puch Dart Moped
Puch Dart Moped
Puch Dart Moped with 6 Volt AC Regulator Installed

We never know how Pardue Brother’s clients will use Jon’s electrical parts. We recently had a client purchase a regulator for a Yamaha DT250.  Within a couple of days we received this wonderful note from Jim in Maryland…

Hello Jon, I installed your DT250 on a 1983 Puch Dart Moped, it works perfectly. The headlight holds steady bright whether idling or going top speed I thought I read that your DT250 clips at 6 volts, You could raise the voltage to about 7.5, still it looks bright to me. Thanks for making this unit, It fits perfectly.

We just love it when our clients let us know how their parts worked out for them.  It keeps Jon designing and planning new products for these little bikes.

Most people may not realize that Jon actually builds every single part he sends out custom to fit each bike.

  • He matches your wiring colors
  • He double checks the wiring diagram to make certain there’s nothing unusual needed
  • He looks the bike over to see where the regulator may fit
  • He sends out personalized installation instructions
  • He customized the length of wires
  • He personally tests every unit before shipment
  • He includes testing suggestions to see if other parts may be needed
  • He personally writes to every client

There are no generic parts sent out here

There are many 6 Volt bikes that would benefit from one of The Pardue Brothers regulators

If you have a 6 Volt bike that is experiencing electrical problems, please don’t hesitate to contact Jon

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