Honda C65 Rectifier


Honda C65 Rectifier

Jon Pardue designed this Honda C65 rectifier for riders who wish to bolt on one last rectifier, then forget about it forever. If you ride one of these bikes like your life depends on it to stay running, then your spirit is captured in this rectifier. This rectifier is built to be water tight, corrosion proof, and nearly bullet proof. Its got the strongest, highest specifications parts I can locate. Low cost is not the object, highest quality is all that matters here.

The wires exit the rectifier at 90 degrees to the bolt hole, just like the OEM Honda part. There are no wires to snag, become unplugged, hang down, dangle, corrode, loosen, weaken, lose grip, or short out on nearby metal components.

Nowadays electrical parts have almost no warranty, no support, and no explanation. We take things differently. If you can break this, send it back with the story of how you did it, and it gets replaced. It may even make it to our “Hall of Blame” which is an almost empty place.



The Honda C65 rectifier has a unique layout.  The original Selenium rectifier had an enormous Voltage drop, so these bikes have dim lights at idle.  Over time the Selenium rectifier loses even more Voltage, worsening the dim lighting. 

The headlight is powered by AC that is inductively linked to the rectified battery circuit.  If the headlight fails, battery Voltage rises.  Conversely if the rectifier or battery fails, headlight Voltage rises.  As engine speed increases, bulbs will blow.

Our Fearsome Extreme puts today’s best Silicon rectifier to work in your old bike.  Where the original part could withstand a 50 Volt reverse spike, our part can take on 1,000 Volts.  The original Voltage drop was 1.2 Volts or more, and ours is about half that.  Our rectifier is rated for 50 Amps of current, while the original was good for about 5. 

The goal we set is simple: put one last rectifier on your bike and enjoy the ride.  Don’t cobble something together and hope it works out.  Bolt on a solidly built part that will endure well into the future.  Buy a rectifier designed to withstand the rigors a motorcycle puts a part through… heat… vibration… wet… cold… hot…

The Fearsome Extreme rectifier.  Designed by someone who prefers to ride a bike home, not push it.

Pardue Brothers.  Status.  Not status symbol.


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