“Fearsome Extreme” Full Wave Rectifier for 1982-up CT110


CT110 4 wire under-the-frame with long wires

  • White: male terminal
  • Red/White: male terminal
  • Pink: male terminal
  • Green: female terminal


Jon Pardue designed this for riders who wish to bolt on one last rectifier, then forget about it forever. If you ride one of these bikes like your life depends on it to stay running, then your spirit is captured in this rectifier. This rectifier is built to be water tight, corrosion proof, and nearly bullet proof. Its got the strongest, highest specifications parts I can locate. Low cost is not the object, highest quality is all that matters here.

The wires exit the rectifier at 90 degrees to the bolt hole, just like the OEM Honda part. There are no wires to snag, become unplugged, hang down, dangle, corrode, loosen, weaken, lose grip, or short out on nearby metal components.  The original rectifier gathers debris and crud flung from the front wheel, right at the point the wires are connected to the rectifier.  The Fearsome Extreme design is totally sealed in that area, eliminating corrosion, water entry and mechanical weakness.

These days electrical parts have almost no warranty, no support, and no explanation. We take things differently.  We have illustrated documents to help explain what it does, help you determine if you need one, and how to measure the difference.  If you can break our rectifier by using it without modifying it or connecting it wrong, send it back with the story of how you did it, and it gets replaced. It may even make it to our “Wall of Shame” which is almost empty.

The 1980 and 1981 CT110 require our 2-terminal Fearsome Extreme rectifier.  That super duty part fits other bikes such as the Z50a, CT70, and C100. Inquire for details.

We make several styles to match various bikes. Inquire for bikes not listed, we add new parts all the time.  We will gladly make a rectifier for your bike.