CT70 U.S.A. Wiring Diagram including Combination Switch Modes
CT70 Charging System Mods: Dual 1/2 Wave Rectifiers and Full Wave Rectifier
CT70 Combination Switch: All 3 Modes Illustrated
CT70 with clone Engine Power, CDI ignition and 12 Volt Conversion
CT70 with clone Engine Power, CDI ignition, 12 Volt Conversion and Electric Start

Jon’s Full Color PDF wiring diagram files let you zoom in to see razor sharp details. No need to endure squinting at a fuzzy black and white diagram from a manual.  These are not printed documents.  You receive personalized PDF files via email. You may print these for your own use, or view on your devices that display PDF files.  The best software for viewing is Adobe Reader (free from adobe com) because it holds sharp focus when you zoom in.