• This regulator fits all Yamaha DT's including the DT1, DT100B, DT125, DT175, DT250, DT360, and DT400B About the Yamaha DT 6 Volt Headlight Voltage Regulator: Many Yamaha DT’s generate excess headlight Voltage. This is a design problem, as much a stator (alternator) problem as a light bulb problem.  Light bulbs burn out eventually.  The stator is a copper winding around a laminated core, similar to an automotive alternator or electric motor winding. The big difference is the permanently magnetized rotor, which does regulate the AC Voltage generated.  As the engine revs higher, more AC Voltage is generated, at increasing frequency.  At high RPM, the combination of excess Volts and vibration tends to blow headlights.  Any loose or intermittent AC wiring or switches will generate eneormous Voltage spikes that will blow bulbs. UPDATED LATE MARCH 2018:  People considering our parts possibly worthy of their bikes often write us.  Today we had a great letter from a reader of the excellent Yamaha Enduro forum.  The question insspired updating this page.  Our DT headlight Voltage regulator protects both Low and Hi beam headlight filaments, the Hi beam indicator lamp, and the meter lights.  All these bulbs are wired together in common, and are thus protected by the regulator.  Read the full update below... For information on the installation see this blog post with customer photos
  • BA9S LED 6 Volt speedometer lamp
  • 1154 LED  6 Volt tail/stop bulb with Red LED's.
  • 1154 LED  6 Volt tail/stop bulb with Red LED's.

Headlight Socket Modification

Dr ATV Headlight Socket Mod