After years of R&D and beta testing by real riders, Pardue Brothers is pleased to offer our premium quality 6 Volt LED Conversion Kits for motorcycles.  This page is dedicated to 6 Volt machines.  You can find our 12 Volt goodies here and here.

PLUG IN and RIDE 6 VOLT LED KIT These are our plug-in-and-ride LED kits for 6 Volt bikes.  Everything you need to convert turn signals, speedo lights and tail/stop to reliable, bright LED’s.  Plug-in-and-ride LED kit means simple!  No modifications to your motorcycle’s electrics.  There is no wiring to alter, no crimp terminals to install, no cutting wires, no soldering, no heatshrink.  Includes our Made in the USA FLASHERINO, DASHERINO, GOOFERINO and Jon’s clear illustrated full-color instructions.  Easy to install or remove color-matched wiring.

FLASHERINO Parade Duty electronic flasher.  Designed by Jon to endure on motorcycles, our solid state analog transistor circuit is built with modern parts.  This circuit evolved over several years with exhaustive beta testing by real daily riders.  The flashing cadence is independent of Voltage.  From 4 Volts to 18 Volts the full-time indicating LED flashes to let you know FLASHERINO is wired correctly and ready to work.  It flashes at the same speed on a weak 6 Volt battery, or a 12 Volt road bike.  Like all of Jon’s designs, it is hand assembled and tested, soldered and tested, then sealed and tested.  Built strong to last long in the USA.

GOOFERINO Reverse polarity protector for the FLASHERINO.  Helps prevents damage in case of wiring errors.  Can be removed once the turn signals are installed and working correctly.

DASHERINO Plug-in-and-ride indicator lamp converter.  No alterations to factory wiring, unplugs any time.  This small dealed device fits in the headlight bucket.  Color-matched wires and terminals fit your Honda.  Options include HAZMOD for 4-way flashers, BEEPMOD for the required Australian beeper, and HAZBEEP if you want 4-ways and a beeper.

LED BULBS we only sell specifically-designed Superbright LED bulbs at this time.  After years of testing every brand LED we could find, we chose the most durable parts that perform best.  We test each LED bulb for Amp draw, min and max Volts, color, brightness, beam angle, diffusion and build quality.

Common Sense Part Numbers when 6 Volt machines were new, bulb part numbers made sense.  We use those simple numbers:

1154 LED  6 Volt tail/stop bulb with Red LED’s.  The license plate is lit with Red light.  White LED’s fail to make the lens appear Red.

1129 LED 6 Volt LED turn signal bulb – these are very bright Amber.

BA9S LED 6 Volt LED turn indicator, dash illumination, Hi beam indicator, some neutral indicators. These are bright White.

BA7S LED 6 Volt LED neutral lamp, bright Green for Honda CT90.

The back story:  During our testing and evaluation of available LED bulbs and flashers, no flasher met the challenge.  Few LED bulbs test bright, consistent and durable.  12 Volt LED’s are easily found, but those are dim on 6 Volts.  Most LED bulbs are not optimized for vibration and harsh conditions.  We looked for bulbs that can be crashed, jumped, vibrated, dunked, frozen, oiled, heated, hammered, soaked, dunked, ignored, abraded, bruised, thrashed, chipped, broken, crushed, holed, hit, bent, cracked, dinged, dented, used and enjoyed.  Most “6 Volt” LED bulbs and parts we tested were dim or even non-functional on 6 Volts.  Some light up at 7 Volts or more, but need 11 or 12 to hit full blast.  We bought from Asia, Europe, America, Canada and built designs from scratch.

Get real: These old 6 Volt bikes may have 5 Volts available when you need to be seen the most.  I have been nearly struck by a car while idling at a stop with the brake on.  Putting the bike in neutral and revving it made us visible.  The original incandescent turn signals and thermal flasher requires a lot of electricity to function.  Unfortunately these vintage 6 Volt bikes need to be serviced well and revved up to have that much power.  The stock turn signals are ineffective especially at low speed, and often fail to flash or even light up.  Any corrosion or neglect kills the stock turn signals. These new designs are a personal cure for my bikes, something so excellent a friend or family member can ride with full confidence they will be seen, at any engine speed with everything bright.

Cost: I decided it was time to fix the problem once and for all.  After testing and evaluating all kinds of flashers, none were optimized for 6 Volt duty.  There are low cost, lightweight flashers originally for Yamaha and Suzuki 6 Volt bikes.  Decent on a maintained bike with a well-charged battery.  These decvices “pre-light” the LED’s and require a minimum Voltage.  These can be had for less than 10 dollars on Ebay.   Because I want heavy duty durability and high performance,  I use the term “Parade Duty” to describe my designs.  Means parts that work when pressure to peform is required, conditions are sub-optimal, and the last thing you have time for is an electrical failure of any kind.  Peformance and durability come before cost in our shop.

Take 55: After designing and testing fifty five different circuits, analog transistors proved best for 6 Volt use.   The most bulletproof and versatile analog transistor circuit came up analog – all transistor – and it outperforms all the programmable digital circuits tested for this application.  This is mostly because of the wildly fluctuating power suppy we fondly call a vintage Honda.  FLASHERINO begins flashing at or just below 4 Volts DC and will flash at the same cadence all the way to 18 Volts.  There is a Red indicating LED that flashes all the time to let you know everything is working and ready to signal.

No more here-and-there: Until now upgrading/converting to 6 Volt LED’s has been a mix and match process, buying unknown and unproven parts from here and there.  Pardue Brothers makes a complete matched LED conversion kit with all parts needed.  Installation is easy and no modifying is done to your vintage Honda.  Reversal is simple! Unplug the kit and the bike can be returned to using OEM turn signal parts.  Kits include color-matched wires with mating terminals and full color illustrated instructions.  Plug In and Ride.

Why no LED headlight: Installing LED’s everywhere else boosts available power for the stock headlight.  At this writing there is no decent streetable LED headlight for a 6 Volt bike.  In the future this may be a possibility.  We are developing a halogen replaceable bulb mount that adheres to the back of the original Stanley headlight bulb.

Time!: Want all the options without hunting parts, want it to work out of the box, and want the vintage wiring unmolested?  Our LED kits will save you time and hassle.  After converting several bikes the hard way we wanted a plug-in-and-ride LED conversion kit.   At this time we offer kits for everything but the headlight.

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