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Learn or Burn #1

After 45+ years working with electrics, people ask me what products helped get me here. Brand callout warning: no sponsor pays me, I buy these products. Either I was burned by lesser products, or somebody shared a success story. Only a product that has earned its keep with me makes the Learn or Burn list.

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Electrolytic Derusting

If you are working on one of the fabulous old bikes you probably run across the need to remove rust.  Jon uses a safe, simple method to protect these bikes.  He uses electrolytic derusting.  No harsh corroding chemicals to touch those difficult to find vintage parts.  Recently on the Facebook forum this very topic was discussed.  Instructions for this simple, inexpensive and safe method are here o [...]

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Answers from Jon Pardue #3

Recently we got an email from Josh, who was having problems with the headlight bulb blowing on his 1975 Yamaha DT400B: “Hello, I am wondering if your Yamaha DT regulators might be compatible with my 1975 DT400B?  If yes then I would be happy to order one immediately.  Thanks” We make plug-in-and-ride parts that are easy to install and durable. Jon responded, asking for details about the DT. [...]

XL250 Regulator Installation

Sometimes our clients give us the most wonderful updates on their bikes after installing one of our parts. We love to share these with you so you can see how they might work out on your own bike. The final picture shows everything together. You can hardly see the Regulator under the front portion of the Gas Tank. Jon, I finally got some free time and installed the Headlight Voltage Regulator [...]

Answers From Jon Pardue #2

Honda "bullet" electrical connectors- Is a special crimping tool needed? I purchased some awhile back from DRATV and I believe that they are OEM Honda. I need to make a few connections and took my first good look at the connectors today. Do these require some type of special tool to crimp the wires properly? Where the wires connect/crimp looks different than the "typical" ones you get at hardware [...]

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