Vintage Terminal Crimp Tool How-To

Honda “bullet” electrical connectors- Is a special crimping tool needed?

I purchased some awhile back from DRATV and I believe that they are OEM Honda. I need to make a few connections and took my first good look at the connectors today. Do these require some type of special tool to crimp the wires properly? Where the wires connect/crimp looks different than the “typical” ones you get at hardware stores that I have used before. Please share with me how you are making the wire crimps with these connectors?
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My answer:

I use the RTL crimper from Vintage Connections which is available through many sources. but their price is as good as most, as of February 2015 its US $35.00

Its special: the crimping die has a stepped design. The prongs closest to the insulated wire are larger, and are only crimped around the insulation. The inner set of prongs is smaller, crimped more tightly to only the copper wire. The result is a beautiful crimp that really hugs the insulation, providing strain relief, while the second step tightly grips the copper stands.

Note, if the crimp is too tight, or if the prongs are crimped flat and not rolled over, the brass terminal will score the copper strands, causing breakage. This tool has adjustable tension, it comes very nicely adjusted but can be tweaked over time to fine-tune the crimp. Any other crimping tool is a waste of time and effort. This tool rolls the brass around the wire. See photos…Crimp Tool Thumbnail

Here is the tool at my bench, shown is a 3.5mm male being crimped on a ground wire. Clearly the correct tool for the job. Vintage Connections also stocks several other die sets for the crimping frame.