About Pardue Brothers

About Pardue Brothers

Our Company Mission is to make electrical diagnosis, repairs, documentation, and modifications as easy as possible. We love riding and driving, maintaining and building our own machines, and we enjoy helping others do the same things.

Electrics and electronics can be difficult systems to understand and work with. We enjoy electrics most of all, so its a natural calling to share our unique expertise, parts, and tools with riders and technicians around the globe.

More than anything we believe in making our own machines dependable as if our lives depend on it – because often enough they do. We ride hard, into places where our machines better not quit on us. We make stuff for our rides the best we can, because we seriously depend on returning home under power.

This requires us to be the absolute best technicians we can be, employing inventiveness, engineering, common sense, dedication, craftiness, cleverness, and real skill. We study and write, illustrate and work hard to make the best of the machines we love.

People around the world post photos of the incredible journeys they take, and we rally to make everything as bulletproof as possible, with cost taking a backseat to durability and knowing. Its these journeys that stoke the fire of our motivation to hand wire each circuit, then carefully test it to work exactly right. Its the fuel that powers the desire to do everything just like its going on our own machine, then testing it again just to be sure.

Whether you ride deserts, swamps, trails, creeks, flatlands, farmlands, badlands, highways, byways, backroads, dirt roads, main streets, or just putt around the yard… we think it should be dependable as rock.

We study why certain parts in the original machinery are prone to failure. We build test fixtures and analyze what goes wrong, then figure out the best way to fix it. Often we post on groups across the internet, sharing our insights and artful diagrams so others can see how we make things better. We hope to inspire you to try and learn new and complex things, and we will be here to see you succeed.

As professional technicians we get a firsthand look at failed machines, and failed repairs made by others. We sort through the mess, restoring and improving a machine until its once again ready to be used and enjoyed. We encourage people of all skill levels to join us in the statisfying journey to be the best technician you can be.

Here and there we honor those who add to our knowledge, often including their handle in the details. We often create part numbers with people’s initials to say thanks to those who have inspired or enlightened us.

We welcome you to join us for the most amazing ride.

We promise to not make junk parts, recommend or resell junk brands.

We promise to pay attention to the details, to see if we can excel where perhaps even an original machine was flawed.

We promise to honor all US Military Veterans by making sure they know we understand what it means to have served – in any capacity, in any branch of the Armed Services.

We promise to make it right, if you feel like the stuff we make did not serve you, we will get you another part or some cash back. We usually go out of our way for anyone being polite.

We promise to ignore you if you prove to be an idiot, an unreasonable person, a gold digger, impolite, or a pain in the ass. You may receive a dose of incompetence for your efforts.

We enjoy the challenge of delivering on your custom project. Let us illustrate your wiring system, build your custom in the shop, or consult with you on how to modify machines. We have a wide range of capabilities in house, and can call upon many specialists to deliver on almost any project you can dream up.

If you have a project you need help with you can learn more about our custom wiring here.

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