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Custom Regulators and Rectifiers

We love motorycles, especially the electrics.  We build custom electrical parts especially for vintage 6 Volt motorcycles. We have published 100’s of How-To’s on repairing, troubleshooting and modifying all things motorcycle.   Jon’s full-color wiring diagrams and illustrations make it possible to grasp the electricals.  12 Volt bikes are welcome, too!

If your bike isn’t listed here please contact us for help.  Jon is constantly drawing and adding on bikes.  Building a custom?  Any wiring hack, adaptation, engine swap, or conversion can be custom drawn for you.   We welcome wiring and electrical questions and inquiries about our parts and wiring diagram services.

6 Volt Regulator

If it's this good it must be from the lab and workshop of the Pardue Brothers

Purchase our custom wiring and electrical solutions for your bike, or spend some time here learning to service and repair your own bike.
“…Cheers, and keep up the good work. These resources are the best I’ve found, hands down.”
Doug from Oregon
“…I received the Voltage Regulator today. It is a work of art! Thanks!”

“You do not know it but you have been a big help to me…
I purchased a 1984 CT 110 that has not been running for 3 years. (no fire) Somebody had been trying to get it to run.
When I started to work on this bike I found a total MESS. Somebody put the wrong wiring harness on this bike.
I worked for 2 days on bad wiring. I finally just rewired the whole electric system.
I got it to fire to day & it started & ran.
I looked on the web for HELP & you kept showing up.
So a big Thank you for your help.”

“I just wanted to thank you for making the voltage regulator for the CT110. Worked like a CHAMP! no more blown head light. It’s neat that you saw a problem, created a fix and shared it with others.”
Sue '80 and '81 CT110's
Just returned from a 153 mile trip out to Mt. Rainier and your regulator is
working great.

Instead of spending the last few precious days of summer in the shed,
tangled in a mess of crusty vintage Yamaha wiring, we are out getting dirty
on our old enduros.

You are the man.

Josh and Angie - Yamaha DT400B
Hey Jon, just a quick note to let you know I installed the magic bit you sent me and it works a treat! Thanks again Steve CT110 Headlight Voltage Regulator
Steve from Victoria, Australia
I like these things so much that I’m coming back for round 2 so my whole fleet can ride worry-free!
Roy from Bloomfield, Connecticutt
Jon Pardue designed this for riders who wish to bolt on one last rectifier, then forget about it forever. If you ride one of these bikes like your life depends on it to stay running, then your spirit is captured in this rectifier. This rectifier is built to be water tight, corrosion proof, and nearly bullet proof. Its got the strongest, highest specifications parts I can locate. Low cost is not the object, highest quality is all that matters here.
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If you are having problems with headlights blowing on one of these 6 Volt bikes you may have found the solution. After years of working with these problems, we designed a special Voltage regulator to control the excess Volts and help prevent headlight bulb failures.  The device is ruggedized, waterproof, and plugs in to the stock Honda wiring without any modifications.  Installation is simple.  Wires and connectors are color matched.  The regulator plugs in without modifications to your Honda’s wiring harness, and fits inside the headlight bucket.

With an advanced knowledge of electrical systems, wiring parts together to achieve something new, make repairs, and restoration is simple for me.

Use my ability to take some of the dread out of wiring your custom built or restored motorcycle. I can help you understand in simple terms how to troubleshoot and wire your own bike.

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