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NEW Dr. ATV Headlight Socket Modification: Improved Wire and Fixed Ground Connection

NEW Links to wiring diagrams and headlight Voltage regulators above.

More regulators and high-output rectifiers to fit other Hondas and various other brands are coming soon.

In 2014 we will ship DC regulators, electronic ignition, and motorcycle electrical system service kits.

We are accumulating and adding years of content from all the forums where we post. You will find more of our works and faster, and you will always get the latest versions of our files here on our site.

We will make available 100’s of our texts and full-color, zoomable PDF diagrams, and add on many cool new parts, service kits, and our exclusive “Pardue Brothers Approved” tools.

Watch for links to increase and populate as we organize the site to better serve our customers and friends.


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